Charge- Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine
Result- Client facing minimum mandatory 10 year prison sentence, receives 7 years, 3 months

Client was involved in a conspiracy to transport a briefcase full of methamphetamine from Atlanta, GA to Tampa and ultimately Plant City, FL which subjected him to a 10 year minimum mandatory prison sentence.  Upon arrival in Tampa, Client was witnessed by Federal Agents exiting a bus with the briefcase and enter a vehicle of a co-conspirator.  From the bus station Client travelled to one stash house in Plant City where he was alleged to have delivered the Methamphetamine.  Upon leaving the initial stash house, Client travelled elsewhere with an individual and was subsequently arrested upon his return.  Jason Mayberry undertook representation of Client on July 11, 2011 on the basis of a Federal Complaint and began evaluation of Client’s case immediately.  Client was ultimately indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on July 13, 2011.   After meeting with Client several times, analyzing the minimal discovery allowable in Federal Court, and investigating all avenues of defense, Jason Mayberry advised Client to enter a plea as going to trial would have likely been unsuccessful.  At sentencing Jason Mayberry raised several objections to the Pre-sentencing Report, one being that Client should be awarded a minor role adjustment for his only duty in the conspiracy was to transport the methamphetamine from point A to point B.  Jason Mayberry cited several cases and described an informal standard that in order to receive a minor role downward adjustment the Court could find that Client was not involved in any planning of the conspiracy, had no control or decision making authority over the drugs, and did not actively participate in distribution of the drugs to a third party.  The Court granted motion and in combination with Client being eligible for a Safety Valve reduction below the 10 year minimum mandatory sentence, Acceptance of Responsibility 3 level reduction, and explanation that Client’s motive for committing this crime was out of need for money to treat his son’s diagnosis of leukemia, Client received a sentence of 7 years and 3 months.  If Client demonstrates good behavior, he will be eligible for release after serving just over 6 years of his sentence per the Federal Sentencing 85% rule.