Charge- Violation of Probation
Result- Prior probation revoked and terminated, Entry into Residential treatment program

Client was charged with violating his drug court probation.  Generally in violations of this type the client is either a candidate for further treatment (based much on their attitude) or will receive a department of corrections sentence.  Upon hire of Jason Mayberry, client was advised to request a subsequent in custody evaluation to assess his addiction problem.  Throughout the process, Jason Mayberry stressed to Client the importance to maintaining his progress through the program to both help the addiction problem and avoid the stigma of being a convicted felon at all costs.  Upon the recommendation of a residential program by drug counselors, Jason Mayberry went to the State Attorney and asked that he be considered to remain in the drug court program.  After the State agreed to allow Client to remain in the program, Client entered an admission of the VOP, remained in the drug court program, and will get the help he needs from an in custody rehabilitation center.