Case Results - State vs. MR


Client charged with one count of third degree felony Grand Theft in Pinellas County. Jason Mayberry negotiated with the prosecutor, making a deal consisting of a Withhold of Adjudication and Probation consisting of repayment of the allegedly stolen funds. In the jurisdiction of this case, entry into pretrial diversion would not allow for sealing or expungement of the arrest. Jason Mayberry recommended his client decline the Pre-Trial Diversion program, and enter a plea to a withhold of adjudication so MR would be able to seal his record in the future. Without the ability to seal and expunge the arrest for a felony crime of dishonesty would permanently be on his record. MR understood the importance of sealing his record and because Mayberry knew of the caveat in the Pre-Trial Diversion agreement in Pinellas County, Mayberry advised and his client agreed to enter in to a plea deal involving a Withhold of Adjudication. Because the client has no prior record, he will be able to seal his record upon successful completion of probation.