RESULT: DUI Dismissed

Clearwater criminal attorney Jason Mayberry from The Mayberry Law Firm recently obtained a complete dismissal of a criminal Driving While License Suspended (“DWLS”) charge for one client and a Reckless Driving reduction from a DUI with a breath test of .125 for another.  Jason Mayberry pointed out a clear error in re-suspending the DWLS client’s license after Mayberry’s client took great strides in reinstating his driver’s license.  Upon reinstatement, the DWLS client’s license was re-suspended for reasons unknown.  Mayberry’s client showed constant proof of insurance as mandated by Florida Statute 316.646, paid his outstanding citations, and paid for removal of the D6 suspension, all which did reinstate his driving privilege until invalid subsequent re-suspension just days later.  In laying out his client’s position to the prosecutor and showing a willingness to take this case to trial if necessary, Mayberry successfully earned a dismissal for his client.