RESULT: Reckless Driving criminal charge reduced to Aggravated Careless Driving civil infraction

Client was charged with Reckless Driving on the Bayside Bridge when an Officer witnessed him driving at a “high rate of speed, cutting vehicle[s] off and following too close[ly].  Def[endant] was driving in a very reckless and unsafe manner for rush hour traffic on bridge.”  Based on the exact language on the back of the citation and quoted in this result, Jason Mayberry requested and received a reduced charge offer from the State for Aggravated Careless Driving.  Everything the officer alleged on the citation, fit perfectly within the prohibited conduct listed in the Aggravated Careless Driving statute.  Based on this, Jason Mayberry was able to avoid his client pleaing to, or taking to trial, a criminal charge punishable by up to 90 days in jail and in exchange his client only received a civil infraction.