Case Results - State vs. JM

Result: DUI reduced to Reckless Driving

JM was pulled over and charged with Driving under the Influence after the arresting officer noticed erratic driving. JM had read a recent blog written by Jason Mayberry on what to do during a DUI detainment. JM followed the advice given by Mayberry in the blog to perfection. Because JM had given the State NO EVIDENCE by following Mayberry’s blog advice, Jason Mayberry was instantly offered a Reckless Driving with standard probation sanctions for his client. Knowing how weak the State’s case was, Mayberry adamantly advised JM against taking any kind of plea deal. JM initially followed Mayberry’s advice and the case was set for trial. At the final Pre-Trial Conference the State again reduced the offer to a withhold reckless driving, terms being only $100 fine and court costs. JM took the latest offer, realizing he could instantly seal his record. Mayberry’s blog advice worked, earning his client a Withhold of Adjudication Reckless Driving downcharge and instant ability to seal his record.