Case Results - State vs. JC

Result: Not Guilty Jury Verdict

JC was charged with misdemeanor battery at a nightclub in Lakeland while attending a concert. JC is the owner of a clothing line and at the time of the concert, sponsored several of the bands. Alleged victim was mosh dancing erratically and bumped into JC. JC pushed the Alleged Victim back onto the dance floor twice, which is customary for this type of music and dance. After the second push by JC, a third party ran from behind the Alleged Victim and hit him in the back of the head with a closed fist. After the initial punch by the third party, it is alleged that JC ran onto the dance floor and beat the Alleged Victim, who was temporarily stunned by the third party’s punch. Upon retainer and investigation, Jason Mayberry strongly advised JC to take his case to trial as a good self defense case existed based upon JC’s version of the facts as relayed to Mayberry. After selecting a favorable jury, Jason Mayberry and Jeff Rich tried State v. JC to jury verdict, earning a full ACQUITTAL. Through cross examination, Jason Mayberry elicited testimony from the alleged victim that he was “pissed” and looking for a fight after the initial punch from the third party. Mayberry also got testimony from the alleged victim that his body language, facial expression, and overall demeanor reflected his anger and that he took an aggressive step toward Mayberry’s client. After a closing argument focusing on the common sense rationale that JC was at this concert for business with the goal of selling thousands of dollar’s worth of merchandise, and that to fight and potential arrest would be detrimental to his business, the jury found JC NOT GUILTY.