Case Results - State vs. CT

Result: Probation revoked and terminated without penalty

CT was on probation after pleading to two counts of carrying a concealed firearm, possession of cocaine, and possession of cannabis. Jason Mayberry did not represent CT on his previous pleas. CT lost his job, and was ultimately evicted from his apartment, thereby rendering him homeless. Upon his eviction he returned to his home state where he lived lawfully for nearly 20 years, working and raising a family in that time frame. Due to absconding to his home state years before, a warrant was issued for CT for violating his felony probation for his obvious failure to appear to a probation meeting and failure to provide his probation officer with his whereabouts. CT was picked up at his home for a separate incident and detained in his home state for several days, prior to being transferred to Hillsborough County to answer his violation of probation warrant. Upon hire, Jason Mayberry attended CT’s Violation of Probation hearing and successfully moved to revoke and terminate CT’s at that hearing. Client was released from custody within 24 hours, returned to his life in his home state, and incurred no further penalty.