Case Results - State vs. CM

Result: Violation of Probation Dismissed

CM was currently on probation for felony Grand Theft, four counts of felony Grand Theft Auto, felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Uttering a Forged Instrument, and Obtaining Lodging with Intent to Defraud. Client was pulled over while driving in another county and arrested for driving with a suspended license and violating his Probation in Hillsborough County. Pursuant to his arrest, CM was immediately taken into custody. JASON MAYBERRY was retained to handle CM’s Violation of Probation out of Hillsborough County. After speaking with CM’s probation officer, JASON MAYBERRY advised CM to enter an admission to the Violation of Probation based on insurmountable evidence against CM. JASON MAYBERRY entered the admission to the violation at CM’s VOP arraignment and requested that probation be reinstated and CM be released immediately. JASON MAYBERRY cited CM’s excellent relationship with his probation officer, and the fact that CM had completed the vast majority of the probation terms. Facing a maximum of 35 years in Florida State Prison, JASON MAYBERRY got CM’s probation reinstated, and gained CM’s release from custody the same day of his VOP hearing.