Case Results - State vs. CC

Result: Probation revoked and terminated, Racing charge reduced to Reckless Driving

CC was placed on misdemeanor probation stemming from a charge in Polk County. While still on probation, CC was charged with racing on the highway in Hillsborough County near Ybor City. Racing on the Highway, if pled to, carries a one year driver’s license suspension. When charged with Racing while on active probation in Polk County, CC could have had his probation violated, leading to incarceration for up to one year in Polk County. Jason Mayberry successfully got CC’s Polk County probation revoked and terminated without penalty. Further, Jason Mayberry was able to negotiate a charge reduction in Hillsborough County, reducing the Racing charge to Reckless Driving, thereby avoiding any driver’s license suspension. The sanctions involved in the plea were only a withhold of adjudication and payment of court costs.