Case Results - SH, TN v. MR

RESULT: Injunction Granted

MR (client) rented a room in his home to SH and TN. SH and TN failed to pay rent and generally conducted themselves in a harassing manner toward MR. Ultimately SH and TN alleged that in reaction to certain of their actions, MR brandished a gun and threatened them. Despite police investigating their allegation and declining to file charges, SH and TN filed for a temporary restraining order, effectively temporarily evicting MR from HIS OWN HOME. MR earlier filed a petition to evict SH and TN but in the interim could not re-enter his home due to the temporary restraining order against him. In order to prevent the temporary nature of the injunctions against him from becoming permanent, MR retained Jason Mayberry to fight the allegations against him. On the day of hearing, Mayberry encountered not just two injunctions filed against MR, but also two filed against MR’s daughter. Through cross examination, Mayberry was able to impeach the credibility of both SH and TN against MR and his daughter, defeating their bid for permanent injunction. The temporary injunctions against MR and his daughter were dismissed.