Result- Injunction Granted for 13 years until 2/28/2025

PG and AM lived together as a couple.  PG and AM went out to a bar in Ybor City until they were asked to leave by management.  PG and AM went to their residence where AM physically battered PG, ultimately breaking her nose and causing her to lose consciousness.  Due to the loss of consciousness, PG could no longer remember how the physical altercation began, what happened during the altercation, or how her nose became broken.  PG hired Jason Mayberry to represent her in a domestic violence injunction hearing she filed against AM.  AM was represented by an attorney at the hearing.  Jason Mayberry admitted a composite exhibit of 5-10 pictures showing PG’s injuries immediately after the altercation in addition to pictures prior that showed no injury, elicited testimony from PG that she was diagnosed with a broken nose at the emergency room that evening, established that no one other than AM could have inflicted her injuries upon her.  After taking testimony on direct examination and allowing cross examination of PG by AM’s counsel, the Court granted PG’s petition for a term of 13 years.