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Welcome to The Mayberry Law Firm, experienced criminal attorneys serving Clearwater, St Petersburg, and the greater Tampa Bay area. Lets be honest with each other.  You’re not on my site because you enjoy looking at legal websites. You’re here because you need help. Not help unloading your wallet, help with a legal issue that is likely terrifying you. Whatever your need for an attorney, your research has brought you to us. We hope you find the information on our website useful as you seek to understand what is happening within your case. Though no case is simple, be it a speeding ticket, capital felony, or wrongful death action, we hope the information provided within our site will aid you in your determination of whether to hire a criminal attorney, and which attorney to hire. The Clearwater and St Petersburg criminal attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm are experienced within the fields of criminal defense, DUI, traffic citation defense, and personal injury and are eager to answer any question you may have.

Every question you may have can’t possibly be answered through our website, so we encourage you to call one of our criminal lawyers now!  We look forward to fighting for you.

“Several years ago my Mother compared the fear of the legal system for a person who isn’t an attorney, to the fear of the medical field a person experiences when they’re sick. This is because far too many attorneys have lost touch with the compassion necessary to represent not just a client, but a person who needs you. I’ll do my best to change that and will demand that approach from all who work with me on your case.”

– Jason Mayberry, Criminal Attorney and Founder of The Mayberry Law Firm