Traffic Tickets & Citations - Red Light Tickets

Can I push this? Maybe if I just speed up a little I can make it through before it turns red. Wrong. As you get closer the light turns yellow and you go for it. Luckily, you make it through the light without harm, but the light turned red as you darted under it. This very scenario has caused the Florida Legislature to take a hard and fast stance on running red lights. Unlike most other minor infractions, a red light ticket is 4 points as opposed to 3. Adding insult to injury, red light tickets do not carry the benefit of an 18% fine reduction for taking a 4-hour driver improvement course. Get convicted of two red light tickets in a year and you’ll be required by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to take a 4 hour driver improvement class. Do not allow a seemingly minor infraction to impact your driving record to the tune of 4 points without calling us to see if we can help. We’d love to. Call one of our Clearwater or St Pete traffic attorneys today at (727) 771-3847.