Traffic Tickets & Citations - Accident Cases

In Florida when an accident occurs someone is going to get a ticket. Generally the scenario involves a fender bender where the Officer isn’t present to witness the crash. The Officer arrives on scene, assesses the damage, and makes a judgment call determination of who is at fault. There is no reconstruction. No expert assessment. There is only their opinion after observation and speaking to both drivers. In any infraction hearing the Officer acts as both the prosecutor and witness to the accident. Odd as it may sound, when the Officer does not witness the accident, he or she will need testimony from an independent witness that saw you driving to prove his case against you. This works in our favor as your traffic attorney in Florida considering the high rate of tourism and seasonal residents. If the other party involved in the accident is no longer in Florida, it will be unlikely the Officer can prove up his case. To add insult to injury, should your accident involve serious bodily injury you likely will be subject to having your license suspended. When you are involved in an accident, your first call should be to the police and then to an experienced Clearwater or St Petersburg traffic attorney. If you’re unlucky enough to be cited, get a traffic attorney’s advice before paying that citation. Call (727) 771-3847 right away to speak to one of our traffic attorneys about your ticket.