Traffic Tickets and Citations

It’s happened to most of us.  You’re driving down the road, pushing the envelope admittedly, but hey you’re just keeping up with traffic right?  Surprise!  There he is blue lights ablaze in your rearview mirror.  The St Pete and Clearwater traffic lawyers at The Mayberry Law Firm understand.  It happens to the best of us.  If you get a traffic citation in Florida and choose to pay your fine without a driving school or requesting a hearing, you are admitting guilt and will receive points on your license.

The points you receive will be applied to your driving history and calculated toward a suspension of your driving privilege.  The kind of citation your receive will determine the possible point total to be assessed.  Additionally, and often the main concern of our clients, is the fact that your insurance rates will almost always increase.  NOBODY wants that.  If you have received a traffic ticket in Florida, contact our experienced traffic attorneys as soon as possible for your free consultation.