Personal Injury - Motorcycle Accidents

Anyone who’s put on a helmet and straddled a motorcycle has been there. It goes a little like this. You’re riding along, enjoying your stress relief, when from out of the clear blue someone comes within inches of making your day worse. In many cases, those inches don’t matter and you end up on the hood of a car or truck. In situations such as these, “Oh my gosh I’m sorry, I didn’t see you, are you ok” doesn’t cut it. Being a motorcycle enthusiast, I understand the numerous dangers motorcycle riders encounter every time they crank that engine. If you or someone you know have been injured in a motorcycle accident contact an attorney before you speak to anyone else so they may review your case. No insurance company is really “on your side,” and despite how friendly they may be, their loyalty is to their bottom line. That doesn’t include you at this stage. Sure it was an accident, but why should have to suffer because Princess was putting on her lip liner or Big Business Man was checking his stocks on his smart phone? Contact our firm today for a free consultation. Together we’ll review your case and do everything in our power to aggressively get you the top dollar compensation you deserve.