Personal Injury

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are injured in Florida as the result of another’s negligence. Many accept that their injury was caused by accident or mistake, and of course no one is perfect. As a Pinellas personal injury attorney, I’ve talked to hundreds of people who just don’t believe in suing someone. Why though, should you have to pay for the negligence of another party? It’s not about “chasing ambulances,” or being litigious. It’s not wrong to want to be made whole or as close to it as the justice system can do. Stripped down, it’s all about being compensated for injury you’ve suffered. The injury that’s caused you pain in the morning and prevented you from doing simple things you used to do so easily.

In every injury case I’ve handled, insurance companies pounce on your potential claim, encouraging you to sign “this” document, and fill out “that” form. They are never eager to explain why you should sign off or really what it means. DO NOT TALK TO AN INSURANCE COMPANY BEFORE CONSULTING A PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY – EVER. Insurance companies are interested in discouraging claims against them in the hope of saving money. Don’t forget, Big Insurance doesn’t have a face, it’s a company and all they care about is reducing expense. Your well-being doesn’t fit into their plans. If they can get to you before you can educate yourself about your case, dangle a little money in front of you, then they have a shot to pay out considerably less than your case is worth. Lets not play their game. If you need someone to lean on during your difficult time, you’ve found them.

The St Pete and Clearwater personal injury attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm are tough trial lawyers that are not afraid to try a case if that what it takes to get you top dollar for your claim. We aren’t a quick turnover settlement mill. If you want an attorney that is willing to take the bull to the mat, and believe us you will need one, call us immediately. We’ll fight for you.