Juvenile Offenses

It’s one of the many dreaded phone calls every parent fears. Your son or daughter has just been arrested. Now begins the emotional roller coaster we’ve seen so many times at our firm. Anger, fear, confusion, it’s all there mixed up in a blender. You’re furious but scared to death for them at the same time.

Far too often kids are given a number and pushed through the Florida juvenile justice system. Too often they are disregarded as juvenile delinquents or problem children by the State. If your child is arrested, ensure that you retain competent representation from a St. Petersburg or Clearwater criminal attorney experienced with not only the adult criminal justice system, but also the nuances of the juvenile justice system. The Mayberry Law Firm is an aggressive Pinellas County criminal law firm that will go to bat for your child in court, a forum that you can’t. Some parents think it is best for their children to plead guilty, take their punishment, and learn from their mistake. Just like every other individual in Florida’s criminal justice system, children have inherent constitutional rights that must be protected. Simply taking their medicine and pleading guilty could have long lasting, even permanent effects on your child. When a child is applying to college or for a first job, the necessity of explaining a criminal record is detrimental beyond comprehension. A good juvenile criminal attorney can guide you and your child through this process to protect them both now in the pendency of their case, and in the future by preserving their clean record.

The state attorney’s office, together with the Department of Juvenile Justice, will do their best to dictate the child’s fate. Your child could be detained or sent to a juvenile delinquent center, which can be a lock-down commitment program. Depending on the seriousness of the case, the State Attorney’s office could elect to charge the child as an adult, subjecting them to adult penalties. Retaining a St Pete or Clearwater criminal attorney who is well versed in the juvenile justice process could help prevent all of this.

You’ve worked hard to give your children everything you can. Now afford them the representation they need to ensure they are protected. The Mayberry Law Firm will fight aggressively to keep a child charged with a crime in juvenile court or better yet, exonerated of the charge if possible. If your child has been arrested, the Pinellas criminal lawyers at The Mayberry Law Firm are ready to go the mat for your son or daughter where Mom or Dad can’t. Give us a call, we’ll always answer. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.