If the charges weren’t serious, the Feds wouldn’t waste their time.  Consequently, if you’ve been charged with a Federal criminal offense, the US Attorney’s Office is determined to convict you of a crime.  Just as the United States government is a world power, it is the most powerful prosecuting body in the world and uses its resources to the fullest extent.  If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime, you need not just an attorney, but a good one.  From the beginning you will be fighting just to be released from custody, an obstacle rarely encountered in State court.  If you are granted pretrial release you will now face the best of the best with respect to evidence gathering Law enforcement officers who often are professional witnesses, top notch US Attorneys who not only have evidence against you, but the resources and organization to utilize it, and a Federal Sentencing scheme that is extremely harsh.

It is not an option to navigate these waters without a Federal Criminal Lawyer familiar with the strategies the US Attorney’s Office uses to delay providing evidence to the Defense and well versed in the Federal Evidence Code.  If a plea is the ultimate fate of your case, you will be in the hands of a Federal Judge who must formulate a sentence based on a very punitive set of non-binding Sentencing Guidelines.  You must have an attorney who knows those guidelines, any possible enhancement the government will try to use to lengthen your sentence, all downward departures available for all scenarios, and the most important factors to focus on under 18 U.S.C. 3553 so as to best support your bid for a lenient sentence.  Whether it’s a white collar crime like wire fraud or a standard drug crime, our Federal criminal attorneys have the experience you need on your side.

The attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm practice in Federal Court on a regular basis for both clients taken on a private retainer and those entrusted to them by the Federal Court in Orlando to represent individuals who cannot be represented by the Orlando Federal Defender’s Office.  If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime in Orlando, call The Mayberry Law Firm at 727-771-3847 and let them start fighting for you today.