Federal Law

If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime you’re in an altogether different world than Florida’s state criminal system. Federal charges can be brought either directly from the United States Attorney’s Office after an arrest or can be brought after a Federal Grand Jury has been empaneled and handed down an indictment.  Regardless of how your case gets there, in order for a Federal criminal court to have jurisdiction over your case, the allegation must be that you committed a crime in violation of a federal statute, committed a crime on federal lands, or the crime crossed state lines in its commission. If you’ve been charged with a Federal offense, it is not only imperative that you retain an experienced criminal attorney, but also a Tampa Federal lawyer experienced with the nuances involved in the Federal system.  In Federal Court a defendant is not entitled to the same discovery luxuries as in State Court and the sentencing scheme is full of enhancers and mitigators that your attorney must know in order to earn you the best possible result on your case.  It is of utmost importance that you hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney familiar with Federal discovery, the sentencing scheme, and the more restrictive Federal rules of evidence so that your interests are most effectively represented.  Tampa Federal attorney Jason Mayberry practices in our Federal Courts weekly and are well versed in the unique challenges Federal cases present.

Not only is it more difficult for an attorney to practice in the Federal system due to the makeup of certain rules and guidelines, an allegation will always be made by a Federal agency employing the best of the best Federal Agents and attorneys working to convict you of what they’ve alleged.  Generally the possible penalties in the Federal system are harsher than their State counterparts.  Many charges carry with them mandatory minimum sentences that will require no less than that term of years commanded by statute.  If the mandatory minimum sentence is more than what the Federal Guidelines recommend, the mandatory minimum is followed.  In those situations there is a prospect of negotiating a deal to come below the minimum mandatory prison term though certain criteria must be met before that is considered.  Regardless of whether your case carries with it a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment, your potential sentence will be calculated on a table taking into consideration your criminal history and the seriousness of the offense you’ve been alleged to have committed.  Specific enhancers and mitigators will be factored in to ultimately find your sentencing guideline range in months which often serves as the baseline for a Judge to enter an appropriate sentence.  If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime, you need an Orlando Federal Criminal Lawyer that works in the system frequently.  Anything less could lead you down a road toward a devastating result.  Our attorneys are in our Federal Courts weekly and know the Federal process inside and out.  Our Federal criminal practice takes cases nationwide.  Call our firm immediately for a free consultation at 727-771-3847 or 813-444-7435 and allow us to help.