The right side of the fork in the road of the DUI process is the criminal proceeding. This process is no different than any other court proceeding for an arrest for a different crime of similar severity. The first court date is the arraignment, where the accused is given notice of the charge against him, and typically learns of the sanctions sought by the State against them. If you have not hired an attorney, it is imperative that you attend this hearing to avoid an arrest warrant being issued. If you’ve hired an attorney at The Mayberry Law Firm we will file a plea of not guilty on your behalf in addition to a waiver of appearance so that you can avoid appearing at this court date. After arraignment, there will likely be several pre-trial conferences during which the court is given updates as to the status of the case. A good attorney speaks with the State during these pre-trial conferences in an effort to obtain the offer on the case, get additional information the State Attorney may have, and generally get an idea when the case will likely go to trial if elected. Finally, the last stage of the criminal process is a trial with the trier of fact being either the Judge or Jury. The trial is the last stage in the process barring an appeal and determines a Judge or Jury will determine guilt or innocence after evidence is put before them.