The Danger of False Allegations

Posted November 6th, 2012 by Jason M with No Comments

It is a fact of life that people disagree. In many families, with many different opinions, there can be cause for heated debate and argument. For many it is a chance to speak their mind, be heard and come to a peaceful resolution.  There are, however, times when the resolution is not so peaceful.  When anger comes into play and accusations fly, the outcome can be disastrous.  Unfortunately, there is occasion where a domestic violence report is used for the wrong reasons.  When this happens, law enforcement will be called to the scene and an arrest may happen.  After the dust has settled, lives are altered and help is needed.  That’s where we step in.

It is times like this, when a familial disagreement turns into a visit by the police on a domestic violence call that you need a St. Petersburg Criminal Lawyer to help navigate this accelerated disagreement.  Whether it is a misunderstanding or the individual making the call is doing so out of spite or an ulterior motive, the criminal justice system is not where anyone wants to be. Divorce, custody battle, or an attempt to speed along an eviction process are all motives we’ve encountered.

If you feel you are wrongly accused, our St. Petersburg Criminal Attorneys are there to represent your side of the story, the accurate side of the story.  Whether we work to get the charges dropped or ultimately have to try your case to a jury, we’ll lead you into this fight to ensure justice prevails.

The Mayberry Law Firm is a State and Federal criminal defense firm located in Clearwater and Tampa, Florida.  We are here in your time of need.  Give us a call at 727-771-3847.

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