Lawyers who get results

Posted November 1st, 2012 by Jason M with No Comments

Driving under the influence is illegal in every State in the US and as a general rule, in all countries with a stable government.  In the United States a DUI can result in fines, penalties, and imprisonment.  States vary in the severity of their sanctions for driver’s taking the chance to get home after having one too many.  States like Tennessee require jail time by statute for a first time DUI.  Luckliy, Florida has no such requirement for a DUI though a prosecutor or Judge can certainly request it based on the facts of your case.  That’s where The Mayberry Law Firm can help.  We’ve faced these kinds of prosecutors and judges numerous times and have the results to show we can help.

When looking for a Clearwater DUI attorney, it is in your best interest to look for one who gets results.  If you are in Florida, The Mayberry Law Firm can provide you with the support and knowledge you need in court. You have the right to due process.  Make the most of it with a lawyer who gets reuslts.

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