The Ultimate Bandage?

Posted April 17th, 2012 by Leah R with No Comments
It was learned on April 16, 2012 that George Zimmerman’s neighbors saw him with bandages on the back of his head and with a broken nose, facts which would most certainly aid Zimmerman’s defense effort.  This story in the New York Daily News details what his neighbors saw regarding Zimmerman’s injuries.  In short, injuries of the like would support Zimmerman’s allegation that Martin was on top of him punching him and beating his head into the ground, causing risk for serious injury.  Had Martin attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman been in reasonable fear of his life, he would have grounds to use deadly force.  In sandstorm that is this case, we have heard Zimmerman had injuries, that he had NO injuries, and now it seems he at the very least was wearing some type of bandage to either treat an injury or make it look like he was treating an injury.
Don’t get overwhelmed with this information and assume that locks it up for Curious George.  A good prosecutor will argue that Zimmerman was covering his a$$ for this very reason.  He is a concealed weapons permit holder and with that comes at least a surface knowledge of Florida’s stand your ground law.  These facts, without a witness, cut close to the line no matter how you look at it and it is possible George was initiating “Operation CYA” and building a defense.  Further, if he contacted an attorney after the fact (I believe he likely would have whether it’s known or unknown) no doubt he was told to bandage up “if” he had any injury at all so as to broadcast that fact and help his defense effort.  Obviously, this is an argument the State could use.  However, regardless of whether the bandages were legitimate, if they were in fact on Zimmerman, it is something the defense team could really hop up and down on.  It supports his story, plain and simple.
Keep in mind throughout this process THE STATE must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin with a  depraved mind, whereas Zimmerman must only show by a preponderance of evidence that he was entitled to use the defense of stand your ground.  In other words, the State must show that there is no other reasonable explanation for the death of Trayvon Martin other than the notion that George Zimmerman killed him with a depraved mind.  Think about that.  To put this in perspective, this is a higher standard than the standard the State of Florida must meet to come into your home and remove your child for neglect.  Proving this case beyond a reasonable doubt will be INCREDIBLY hard for them to do short of nearly overwhelming evidence.  Zimmerman, on the other hand, must merely tip the scales ever so slightly in his favor in support of his stand your ground defense.  This is a much lower standard.
All in all, there is much to come in this saga and at this point all any of us can do is speculate.  I believe that if these neighbor witnesses are credible, they will aid Zimmerman and his defense.  Time will tell.  If you’ve been charged with a crime in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Pasco, Manatee, or Polk County, contact Clearwater Criminal Lawyer Jason Mayberry today at 727-771-3847.

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