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In a rash of recent crime involving ridiculously stupid people (drunkenly crashing a car into a jail, proposing a large bust DUI defense, pumping fix-a-flat into someone’s ass like you’re a doctor) village idiot Steven Mulhall wins the award for grand champion chode.  Mr. Mulhall, while on probation for a prior theft, allegedly elected to steal the nameplate from the door of Judge Michael Orlando.  Like a good friend of mine who insists on making things “better with butter,” enough wasn’t enough for Mr. Mulhall who then posed for a picture with his recently acquired booty and shortly thereafter posted the same to Facebook.  Yes, that’s correct, the same Facebook that is public and despite “deleting” a post, is there forever!  Though the value of the nameplate is only about $40, this story is rich with stupidity.  Not only will Mr. Mulhall likely be facing new misdemeanor petit theft charges, he will no doubt violate his current probation and subject himself to potentially receive the maximum incarceration period associated with the case for which he is on probation.
Due to the article not indicating what Mr. Mulhall was on probation for, I would be speculating as to what his maximum sentence could be for violating probation.  With respect to his potential new petit theft charge, Mr. Mulhall is potentially facing a 1st degree misdemeanor in violation of Florida Statute 812.014(3)(b) due to his alleged prior theft conviction.  If you’ve been charged with a  theft crime and need a St. Petersburg criminal lawyer contact us immediately at 727-771-3847 to learn about both the potential direct and collateral consequences you could be facing and how we can help!

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