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In a scenario only Sir Mixalot could appreciate, faux Doc and transgendered american “Black Madam” Padge Victoria Windslowe was recently arrested in Philadelphia for injecting silicone into the dairy aires of several clients.  The Black Madam’s fix a flat fiesta was squashed when authorities busted one of her “pumping parties” mere moments before the fun was set to begin.  Unfortunately due to a mixture of popular culture and ignorance, these back alley procedures are becoming more common.  As recently as November of 2011, another individual was arrested in Miami for the same type of activity, this time with cement, mineral oil, and tire sealant.
God only knows what the “victims” of these procedures are thinking.  Personally I have a very difficult time with someone going to one of these quacks and volunteering for this type of thing and then screaming “victim” soon thereafter.  Obviously these fix a flat doctors must be stopped before more people are seriously injured or die.  Under Florida Statute 458.327, the practice or attempt to practice medicine without a license is a felony of the third degree, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.
Though any felony carries with it major league consequences, should a death occur after this type of activity there may be an additional charge of 3rd degree felony murder carrying with it a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.  This exact scenario was involved in Hawkins v. State, 933 So.2d 1186 where an individual was initially convicted of third degree murder and practicing medicine without a license but later had his conviction reversed due to faulty testimony that the injections caused the death.  Despite this court overturning this conviction, the reversal was due to an evidentiary error and future posterior pumpers may face murder charges that stick.
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