No Seriously, This Crack Will Kill…

Posted March 12th, 2012 by Leah R with No Comments
I’m not sure what you call him, but I’m calling him dirty Ramon.  I am not a crackhead.  I am, however, all for helping someone with a drug problem get the help they need.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they make a rehab center for the guy that is willing to smoke “ass crack.”  Acting on a tip from a confidential informant that dirty Ramon would have $300 worth “on his person,” police detained and arrested Ramon.  When a search “on” his person turned up zero crack, the only alternative was to search “in” his person.  I mean, REALLY “in” his person.  When police make an arrest and suspect someone of having drugs stored inside them, they’ll require you to do the good old naked squat and cough to see what magical treasures lie beneath the rainbow.  In Ramon’s case, they found CRACK IN HIS CRACK!!!
As goofy as this is, Ramon is now facing some pretty serious felony charges.  At minimum he’s looking at possession of a controlled substance (third degree felony at minimum based on it being crack) and an introduction of contraband into a county correctional center, a third degree felony punishable up to 5 years in the department of corrections in violation of Florida Statute 951.22.
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