Stanley Loves His Crack!

Posted March 9th, 2012 by Leah R with No Comments
Stanley Ramos is an innocent man, guilty only of being forgetful!  In early February Stanley Ramos appeared in Manatee County court to answer for a possession of paraphernalia charge.  Paraphernalia being a crack stem.  A crack stem is a pipe with a metal mesh filter (usually chore boy) that crackheads use to smoke crack.  If an individual has a glass tube without crack residue or a filter inside, police will be hard pressed to successfully pursue charges.  Unfortunately for our friend Stanley, when he appeared for his court date he forgot to empty out his pockets before he got there.  Guess what security found on Stanley Stemmer when he entered the Courthouse!!!!  Ding, crackading!  If you guessed ANOTHER CRACK STEM you would be correct!!  Lucky for Stanley he was allowed to attend his court date for his first paraphernalia charge prior to being arrested for his second paraphernalia possession.
In all likelihood, Stanley’s most serious crime is being an ass.  Unless the State Attorney and/or the Judge is just offended by Stanley’s dumbassery, he will get a probationary term (which he’ll likely violate for some showing of crack) and be sent on his merry way.
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