Gators Are So Bad, They Lose To A Redneck!

Posted February 10th, 2012 by Leah R with No Comments
Der der der, der, der, der der der der!!!  “Pa, what is that sound?  Well, them there’s banjo’s LuLu!!  Barfarnicus loves his Gators so much he’s decided to trap one and now he’s pickin’ about it!!”  Honestly?  Who the hell 1) decides it would be a fantastic idea to take home an alligator’ 2) build it a FORT; and 3) PUT IT IN THE BATHTUB OVER YOUR WIFE’S OBJECTION??????  Clearly this guy has no clue.  It’s not the Gator he should be worried about, it’s the wife!  Actually his good deed went wrong when he went about it through the wrong channels.  Hey guy, you need a permit for that!  After searching for what seemed like days, it appears the article is correct (despite my raised eyebrow) in that this gentleman is facing up to 60 days in his own human fort via second degree misdemeanor.
Good look Bayou Billy and don’t worry so much about the judge.  I’d say your trouble lies at home with your lady friend.

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