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Yesterday former Pinellas County prosecutor and current Clearwater criminal attorney Aaron Slavin pled guilty to accepting more than 200 Oxycodone pills in exchange for legal services.  Mr. Slavin will receive 3 years in the Florida Department of Corrections followed by 5 years of drug offender probation in exchange for his plea.  Due to Mr. Slavin having a work history with the Pinellas County court system, his case was heard in neighboring Hillsborough county where it was felt there would be no conflict.  Mr. Slavin was facing a minimum mandatory prison term of 25 years and will begin his sentence on March 5, 2012.
The Tampa Bay area legal community has been in an uproar regarding Mr. Slavin’s case, his sentence, status with the Florida Bar, and generally Mr. Slavin’s character as an attorney and human being.  I have never met Mr. Slavin aside from crossing paths with him in court.  I am not at liberty to render an opinion on his character because of this.  However, as a criminal attorney licensed in Florida, Tennessee, and in the Middle District of Florida, it sickens me that this individual tarnished our profession in this way.  Mr. Slavin is at liberty to conduct himself in whatever fashion he sees fit in his personal life considering the consequences, but as attorneys we work hard to get to where we are, striving always to exceed ethical standards and keep this profession one of honor.
In my humble opinion Mr. Slavin’s actions not only negatively affected himself, but his actions impact the impression the general public has of attorneys.  I can say without reservation that Mr. Slavin and his actions are in the minority of the local bar.  I can name countless Prosecutors, Clearwater criminal lawyers, St. Petersburg criminal attorneys, and Judges that practice law and conduct themselves daily with the utmost respect for the law and our community.  These individuals fight daily to keep the streets safe, protect rights of the individual, and interpret and apply the law to the best of their ability.  To Mr. Slavin I say shame on you.  To my colleagues who make this profession great in the Bay Area, THANK YOU.
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