Beads, Bracelets or Both?

Posted January 24th, 2012 by Leah R with No Comments
A recent Gasparilla article from Tampa Bay Online reminded me of how the days of free drinking and roaming through the streets of south Tampa and Davis Island without the need of a criminal lawyer’s phone number saved as your top favorite on your smart phone during Gasparilla are over.  Gone are the times where we could cover ourselves in beads, smack people with peg legs, and drool rum with every word spoken during the day parade.  No, those times are long gone per Tampa PD and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department catering to the requests of those Bayshore Boulevard residents that weren’t fond of the coed “watering their landscaping” or the young professional “fertilizing trees” with bodily fluids previously unseen to the human eye.
Starting in 2010 the powers that be adopted a no nonsense “zero tolerance” policy that basically required arrest of anyone witnessed to be drinking outside of a “wet zone,” thought to be underage, or just generally acting like an A-Hole.  For 2012 if one is caught outside the “wet zone” drinking and is of age, they will be fined as opposed to arrested.  If an individual is underage, they will be watching the parade from the back of a paddy wagon and very likely less happy than they were prior to arrest.
Being a veteran of Gasparilla I advise you to do your best to follow the rules.  No, the police do not care about you as you are one in a number of drunks making their day worse.  No matter what Tampa or Clearwater criminal lawyer you know, or what you say to the officer, you are still drunken asshat #23,497.  If caught, be polite and don’t make it harder on yourself.  If you are arrested you should call the Tampa and Clearwater criminal attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm when you sober up at 727-771-3847.  Happy pirate partying!

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