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You're scared, confused, and probably a little down and out. It's a bad thing that happens to good people. Lets pick up the pieces and tackle this thing together. Read more...

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Every St. Pete and Clearwater criminal lawyer claims to be aggressive. We know we are. Call us today and judge for yourself. Read more...

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It's YOUR driving privilege. In Florida, it's really a necessity. Don't allow it be taken away without exhausting all of your options. Read more...

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  • Probation Lawyer

    Probation Violations

    Whether it's a technical or new law violation, your liberty is at risk now more than ever after already pleaing to your criminal charge. Our St Pete and Clearwater attorneys are experienced and effective at protecting your rights and freedom when a probation violation is alleged. Contact us immediately as timing is critical.
  • Juvenile Offenses

    Juvenile Violations

    We all do our best to protect our children. If your child has been charged with a crime, they are now in a forum where as a parent, you can't do much. We can and we will. Call our attorneys today and together we'll fight for your child's rights.
  • DUI Lawyer


    The State cast their net and you were in it. Don't roll over without a fight. With a DUI charge comes questions and potential consequences that must be fought in order to avoid long term detriment. Contact the DUI attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm today and let's fight this charge.